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what is utopia…

society = text = perfect = utopia



when a letter loses the meaning of life

corrodes other letters

soon words start to fall

but strong ones remain … ethics … spirituality … love

but even with those words …. the text is irrecognizable anymore.

individual is destroyed when all loose the purpouse of having a meaning in life …

from the individual to the colective society decays

but a few letters refuse to go

soon inspired by the strong words, the misfits letters bettwen the caos

dream on UTOPIA - the perfect text

where every letter fits and every word counts for a meaning in living.

the words start to form again by strong letters, others just start to follow the leaders towads this New Conscious

eventually all words will become the text that has been dstroyed, just to be thrived again has new Babylon.

So what is utopia?

Maybe … a meaning for a purpouse.

P.S.: Every letter counts