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what is utopia…

society = text = perfect = utopia



when a letter loses the meaning of life

corrodes other letters

soon words start to fall

but strong ones remain … ethics … spirituality … love

but even with those words …. the text is irrecognizable anymore.

individual is destroyed when all loose the purpouse of having a meaning in life …

from the individual to the colective society decays

but a few letters refuse to go

soon inspired by the strong words, the misfits letters bettwen the caos

dream on UTOPIA - the perfect text

where every letter fits and every word counts for a meaning in living.

the words start to form again by strong letters, others just start to follow the leaders towads this New Conscious

eventually all words will become the text that has been dstroyed, just to be thrived again has new Babylon.

So what is utopia?

Maybe … a meaning for a purpouse.

P.S.: Every letter counts

Ontological Path

[ Abstract ]

In the process of my architectural education, I wandered myself what would be a value in the conscience for the architect’s profession, regarding the physical and meta-physical life of the being while “dwelling”; by understanding matter as mass of energy, view through the scope of quantum physics, will offer us a new point of view regarding the composition of all physical matter, whether this one is, an inert such has natural/synthetic materials, or live matter like living beings. All of this physical matter is composed by one single element  equal in all of them, - the atom.

By contextualizing this view of matter in the architectural field, where the architect employs its efforts towards the creation of space, through the craftsmanship of materials, by the architect use of matter and thought as tools for the creation of space, can only be enhanced even further if we take conscience of the quantum phenomenas that occur in  and between all matter; off course from here, we can only challenge theory to discover the relationship between this quantum phenomenas which occur in the architectural matter (The Building) and the architectural user (The Anonymous).

Architecture is inhabited, and our body translates it into a vehicle for which our conscience uses to dwell and habit the physical world, the relations that goes through our body, conscience and the exterior world can be perceived and related through a phenomenological ontology. This philosophical method of reason can be used to understand the relations of the place and the formation of the individual conscious through the lived spacial background. For this we need to understand the individual by its metaphysical formation, the conscious being, which inhabits a physical matter (human body), and how the sensorial world plays a role in this dichotomy. The approach of a sensorial phenomenology to understand how a built space is able to influence the unconscious body, can be seen by the architect as a reference in the creation of space in it’s materiality and form for it’s user which is the human being.

I hope with the understanding through the quantum phenomenas perceived phenomenologically could envision an architect’s role towards the artisan of matter, which constantly relates to the physical & metaphysical body of the human being in it’s relation with the architectural built spaces.